Currently separated dating

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I just don't think they realize that they aren't actually emotionally available yet.... Invest some time and energy in your profile -- instead of looking like everyone else, make it a unique reflection of who YOU are, and maybe you'll start attracting a classier breed of men. They definately don't realize that it's not really fair to bring someone new into the mix.. Now what kind of man would respond a profile like that -- boring, cookie-cutter men, that's who. I have a feeling you would have had bad dates no matter who you had dated, except you might be blaming them on something else, like maybe they were Dutch or had goatees or had small ears, or.... I would like to say that those who have a couple of poor dating experiences, only to chalk it all up to some cheap and cheesy generalizations, need to back up, chill, and re-evaluate themselves and what they're here for. Yes, they should make sure its really over before they start dating again, but they need to as quickly as possible IMO, or they could end up just being bitter & sad.

I was divorced over 2 years ago, dated someone within a few months after we split up & when I got back into the dating scene, many women were asking stuff like "why separated? But I'm not a hermit so I chose to date other women, although I didn't sleep with any of them til I got my final decree.

They want to feel loved, cared about, special, all that la-la.

What I'm saying is that (again, in my experience) they are really not about being a couple in a relationship, they just need those things, and that's all well and good.

But all i know is,no thank you certainly not for me.

As they very often still,have the emotional baggage & dramas going on...

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