Dating in torrevieja

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Having said that we personally know many happy retirees who absolutely love their new life in Spain and who would never consider moving back to the United Kingdom. It’s a Massive Decision By Rhiannon Davies The new year often prompts many of us to start thinking of ways we can change our lives for the better.For some of us, a new year’s resolution to quit smoking, lose weight or just be nicer to the people around us is sufficient (!Before you even think about moving abroad therefore, you have to have a cold, long, hard and objective look at your money situation and determine whether you can comfortably afford to move abroad.Relocating costs money, there are no two ways about it.Having thought about your own personal situation from these 5 key and critical points of consideration, hopefully you will be in a more confident and well informed position to make the right decision about whether an overseas retirement is right for you…Rhiannon Davies is an expert in the provision of advice and support to those planning a new life abroad, particularly in retirement – for more information visit Shelter Below we have a readers reply to the article above: Thank you for your article I have read it with interest as this is what my husband and I plan to do in October this year.Having read your article it would appear that we have taken the correct approach and this has set my mind to rest.

Maybe your family will come with you – or perhaps they will plan to visit often.We are making the move with our finances in place and in the knowledge that we will have to budget.Also having spent time in the apartment we now know that we would miss a garden and are hoping to sell and maybe find and old finca to put our stamp on.Is there an insurance you can buy to protect your health care needs long-term?Look carefully at all of these aspects before you commit to a relocation – because without your health, you have nothing.

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