Ehs legislation updating service

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You need to manually input your legal obligations and then manually update them. A Mix of Information and Tools At , we believe that the holy grail of EHS legislative tracking is a website that offers digested, easy-to-understand information combined with a suite of seamless tools to track changes, assign review responsibility and receive important reminders.While the tool itself helps you bring a more rigorous approach to monitoring changes, it does not reduce your workload. That way, those who are responsible for EHS legislative tracking will be best equipped to do their job right from the start, as they are regularly being fed legal updates, which can be easily added to the company’s legal register with the click of a button.

Inevitably, this tends to produce a complex and often confusing patchwork of regulations.

For example, Transcontinental Printing, Canada’s largest printer, operates 35 facilities across the country.

Each Canadian province has specific EHS requirements that are constantly changing.

By combining information and great tools you can increase your efficiency at work and significantly reduce your risk of letting your legal register become outdated.

Because of its unique needs, we also believe that legislative tracking deserves its own dedicated software, not a simple add-on to an existing product.

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