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(O'course, Uri Geller is something of an anti-christ to CSICOP :-) Still in all, worth a read. A very good place to start reading on the phenomenon. 242 p., ISBN 0-7126-2194-6 [KR: A reliable introduction to the wilder tales circulating in the UFO subculture in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. AUTHOR: Gorliss, William (ed.) TITLE: Sourcebook Project PO Box 107 Glen Arm, Maryland, 21057, USA AUTHOR: Grim, Patrick ed. [KR: An important study of early military UFO sightings.] AUTHOR: Haines, Richard TITLE: Melbourne Episode: Case Study of a Missing Pilot PUBLISHER: Los Altos, CA: L.

From a UFO standpoint, pickings are pretty lean - they spend more pages on Uri Geller than they do on UFO's. G66x [KR: The most important book about the on-going government cover-up.] [ Lots of very good information. [Recommended] TITLE: Alien Liaison: The Ultimate Secret London : Century, 1991. TITLE: The UFO handbook : a guide to investigating, evaluating, and reporting EDITION 1st ed. PUBLISHER Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 1953.

[The Betty and Barney Hill story; the first case well-known case of abduction and missing time.] AUTHOR: Fuller, John Grant, 1913- TITLE: Incident at Exeter; the story of unidentified flying objects over America today PUBLISHER New York, Putnam [1966] AUTHOR: Good, Timothy. Some of this will turn out to be true after it is put through the academic mill in the 1990s and beyond. AUTHOR: Haines, Richard (ed.) TITLE: UFO Phenomena and the Behavioural Scientist Scarecrow Press, 1979 [KR: Scholarly book of papers on how eye witnesses report UFOs and what cultural factors influence UFO reports.] AUTHOR: Haines, Richard TITLE: Advanced Aerial Devices Reported During the Korean War.

(From my own point of view, I am wary of any book on the paranormal, of any flavor, that self-consciously announces itself as 'clear-headed,' as this one does in its introduction.)] AUTHOR: Fuller, John Grant, 1913- TITLE: The interrupted journey: two lost hours 'aboard a flying saucer,' PUBLISHER New York, Dial Press, 1966. Certainly a 'must-read'.] See also Clifford Stone's "U. The bizarre nature of what is known makes a prudent investigator reluctant to throw out any information. TITLE: Philosophy of science and the occult PUBLISHER Albany : State University of New York Press, c1982.

Va: Gray Barker, 1969 [A contactee book in the classic vein; very human aliens are here to save us from ourselves. J26 1975 [KR: A historian's review of ufology up to the date of publication.] AUTHOR: Jacobs, David Michael, 1942- TITLE: Secret Life: Firsthand Accounts of UFO Abductions New York: Simon and Schuster, 1992 336p. UFO cases covered include the 1990-91 Avebury Lights, the 1990 Montreal sightings, the 1965 Kecksburg Pennsylvania crash, a 1991 Russian sighting, the 1991 Mexico City sightings, a 1973 UFO in Ohio, the 1948 Mantell case, a 1976 incident in Iran, and a couple of abduction cases. Some cases are shown to be non-real, some to be perhaps-real, and some that may need re-examination. Randle has done an excellent job of research, looking into Blue Book files, newpaper records, interviewing witnesses, and analyzing cases. and Whetnall, Paul TITLE: Alien Contact PUBLISHER Spearman, 1982 AUTHOR: Randles, Jenny TITLE: From Out of the Blue: The Incredible UFO Cover-up at Bentwaters NATO Air base PUBLISHER New Brunswick, NJ: Global Communication, 1991 192pp ISBN 0-938294-08-3 [KR: Randles treats us to the latest, updated information on the Bentwaters RAFB, Great Britain, landing of December 1980.] AUTHOR: Randles, Jenny TITLE: UFOs & How to See Them PUBLISHER Sterling Publishing, New York, 1992 144pp ISBN 0-8069-0297-3 [Good survey of UFO history; lots of photos, shows how to spot hoaxes, crop circles, ufo "hot spots" around the globe.

TITLE: Flying Saucers Close Up PUBLISHER Clarksburg, W. In addition to UFO things, there are also "Hauntings" and "Unexplained" categories. TITLE: The UFO Casebook PUBLISHER New York: Warner Books, 1989. ISBN 0-446-35715-4 [Chock-full of information about famous UFO cases from 1947 to 1989. and Warrington, Peter TITLE: UFOs: A British Viewpoint AUTHOR: Randles, J.

TITLE: UFOs The Final Answer PUBLISHER: London: Blandford Books, 1993, 192 pp, index. Includes details of the spacemen's language and writing. TITLE: Circular evidence : a detailed investigation of the flattened swirled crops phenomenon PUBLISHER London : Bloomsbury, 1989. Start here because the presentation is a just the facts, ma'am, blow by blow account of what Jacobs believes is happening. K36 1970 AUTHOR: Keyhoe, Donald Edward, 1897- TITLE: Aliens from space; the real story of unidentified flying objects PUB. PUBLISHER New York, Holt [1953] AUTHOR: Kinder, Gary TITLE: Light Years: An investigation into the extraterrestrial experiences of Eduard Meier. J., Prentice-Hall [1968] AUTHOR: Lorenzen, Coral E. M458 AUTHOR: Menzel, Donald Howard, 1901- TITLE: The world of flying saucers; a scientific examination of a major myth PUBLISHER Garden City, N. TITLE: The day of celestial visitation PUBLISHER Hicksville, N. : Exposition Press, [1975] AUTHOR: National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena. ISBN: 0-380-77666-9 [The author looks at six reported crashes and retrievals of UFOs, plus MJ-12, and more. Very readable style, another good book for those just starting out to learn about the phenomenon. TITLE: The UFO literature : a comprehensive annotated bibliography of works in English PUBLISHER Jefferson, N.

AUTHOR: Barclay, David and Barclay, Therese Marie, eds. They're from pretty much every planet in our solar system and more besides; they're fighting other aliens -- it's a pretty lively universe, all right! [KR: An analysis of some of the collateral material from the extensive Billy Meier contact case.] AUTHOR: Delgado, Pat. ISBN 0-671-74857-2 [KR: The most important book on UFO abductions so far. [KR: Keyhoe says the US government has crashed saucers and alien bodies. The last of Keyhoe's five books about UFOs.] AUTHOR: Keyhoe, Donald Edward, 1897- TITLE: Flying saucers from outer space. TITLE: Mysteries of the skies; UFOs in perspective PUBLISHER Englewood Cliffs, N. Each is given a 6-8 page summary.] AUTHOR: Moyer, Ernest P. If you're just starting out in UFOlogy, this is an excellent book to 'jumpstart' you.] AUTHOR: Randle, Kevin TITLE: A History of UFO Crashes PUBLISHER: Avon Books, New York, 1995. Good book for those just starting out, who don't want to get too bogged down in dreary detail.] AUTHOR: Randles, Jenny TITLE: Alien Contact: The First Fifty Years PUBLISHER: New York: Barns & Noble, 1997 141pp plus index, ISBN 0-7607-0545-3 Another Randles 'survey' book, this time going year-by-year from 1947 through 1996, with a 2-4 page narrative on each year (with the occasional sidebar).

Fort had some interesting ideas that translate well into some current ufo-isms; that the earth is actually 'owned' by non-terrestrial entities, for instance. Fort include The Book of the Damned (1919), New Lands (1923), Lo! [KRl: First book about a now famous abductee, Betty Andreasson Luca.] AUTHOR: Fowler, Raymond TITLE: Casebook of a UFO Investigator Prentice-Hall, 1982 AUTHOR: Frazier, Kendrick. [This is a book from CSICOP (the 'skeptics' version of MUFON or CUFOS) on various 'paranormal' phenomena. ISBN 0-88229-540-3 [KR: Detailed review and analysis of the Australian Valentich airplane abduction case.] [An episode of "Unsolved Mysteries" addressed this case, in which an Australian pilot and his plane disappeared after he radioed that he was being followed by an airborne object that was not an aircraft.] AUTHOR: Haines, Richard TITLE: Observing UFOs: An Investigative Handbook PUBLISHER: Chicago: Nelson-Hall, 1980 300pp, ISBN 0-88229-540-3 [KR: Exceedingly cautious scientific study of mostly night lights and daylight discs categories of UFOs.] AUTHOR: Hall, Richard TITLE: Uninvited Guests: A Documented History of UFO Sightings, Alien Encounters & Coverups PUBLISHER Santa Fe, NM: Aurora Press, 1988. ISBN 0-943358-32-9 [KR: A very good summary of the whole field of ufology. 8.6% fall into the genuine UFOs category, that is, flying saucers, whatever they are! TITLE: UFO-abductions : a dangerous game Buffalo, N. ISBN 1-878901-72-9 [A participant in the now-legendary SRI "Remote Viewing" experiment of the late 1970's/early 1980's. TITLE: The Search For Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. AUTHOR: Baker, Douglas M., Dr TITLE: The Occult Significance Of U. Scott Rogo TITLE: The Tujunga Canyon Contacts PUBLISHER Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1980. ISBN 0-13-932541-7 [KR: Good book about abduction/contact experiences.] AUTHOR: Eberhart, George M., ed. Emenegger produced a film documentary of the same name. [KR: Fine history of the subject from a radio producer/journalist. TITLE: The dragon and the disc; an investigation into the totally fantastic PUBLISHER New York, Norton [1973] AUTHOR: Hopkins, Budd, 1931- TITLE: Intruders : the incredible visitations at Copley Woods PUBLISHER New York : Random House, c1987. He says it is likely that aliens are mixing our genes with theirs, and this is a major purpose of the abductions.] AUTHOR: Hopkins, Budd TITLE: Missing Time: A Documented Study of UFO Abductions Marek, 1981 258pp ISBN 0-399-90102-7 [KR: Hopkins' first book about abductions.] AUTHOR: Howe, Linda Moulton TITLE: An Alien Harvest: Further Evidence Linking Animal Mutilations and Human Abductions to Alien Life Forms PUBLISHER Littleton, CO: Linda Moulton Howe Productions, 1989. ISBN 0-9620570-1-0 [KR: Best book of surprisingly few considering the 25 year history of animal mutilations.] [Followup to Ms. A warning to extreme skeptics and debunkers: this book may be hazardous to your mental health! TITLE: The case for the UFO, unidentified flying objects. TITLE: UFOs explained PUBLISHER New York, Random House [1975, c1974] [Phil Klass is the ultimate UFO skeptic; the current gadfly of UFOlogy. TITLE: UFOs : the public deceived PUBLISHER Buffalo, NY : Prometheus Books, c1983. TITLE: Those mysterious UFOs : the story of unidentified flying objects PUBLISHER New York : Parents' Magazine Press, [1975] AUTHOR: Knight, David C. TITLE: Close encounters : a factual report on UFOs foreword by J. [Adamski writes of his meeting with aliens and what they say about humans, the earth, and the universe.] AUTHOR: Lindemann, Michael TITLE: UFOs and Alien Presence: Six Viewpoints PUBLISHER Santa Barbera, Ca., The 2020 Group, 1991 233pp. John TITLE: Abduction PUBLISHER New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1994. Some investigators believe UFOs may produce the 'circles'.] AUTHOR: Devereau, Paul TITLE: Earthlights Turnstone Press, 1982 [The "Earthlight" theory, roughly, is that natural, but unrecognized processes (for instance the releasing of plate-tectonic stress) from the earth are the root cause of UFO sightings.] AUTHOR: Downing, Barry H., 1938- TITLE: The Bible and flying saucers PUBLISHER Philadelphia, Lippincott [1968] AUTHOR: Druffel, Ann and D. When people report that they had a missing time experience of two hours, Jacobs says they are actually bodily missing from planet Earth, or at least human beings cannot find them on Earth! PUBLISHER London, Routledge & Paul [1959] AUTHOR: Keel, John A., 1930- TITLE: UFO's: Operation Trojan Horse. The case is noted for outstanding photos and film of UFOs and extensive contact notes.] AUTHOR: Klass, Philip J. His arguments don't change much, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be aware of his point of view.] AUTHOR: Klass, Philip J. AUTHOR: Leslie, Desmond, 1921- and George Adamsk TITLE: Flying saucers have landed PUBLISHER New York : British Book Centre 1953. Both deceased today, but not forgotten for their lasting contribution to ufology.] AUTHOR: Mack, Dr.

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