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They gaze longingly at the posters of heartthrobs blue-tacked to their bedroom walls, as teenagers. Their ability to respond is mysteriously switched off.

“Women didn’t like the pornography they saw in the past,” she says.

“That doesn’t mean we don’t like any images at all.” One of the world’s most popular free sites, Pornhub, which is visited by 156m people every month, recently revealed that women make up a quarter of its global audience.

“Unlike a lot of hardcore where they met five minutes ago”. “When I was a teenager no woman even admitted to masturbating,” she marvels. “I’m looking for a woman enjoying herself,” she says.

“But younger girls are watching a lot of porn.” Most people are surprised by this – not least the many women who have logged on to explicit sites only to find nothing they liked. “Instead, I find films of women being called sluts, who don’t look remotely turned on.

Claire, a 27-year-old management consultant, describes her typical experience with porn sites as going like this: “Click ‘play.’ No, try something else. I’m open to porn, like most of the women I know, but I often just find it off-putting and gross.” There is a wave of content aimed at female viewers – including whole new genres, such as films set in spas that start off like those promotional videos for luxury wellness centres, but end rather differently – but it’s still a small slice of what’s out there. According to Pornhub, women are far more likely to watch lesbian than heterosexual porn.

Lesbian porn is less threatening: it’s non intrusive and, generally, fairly gentle." Also, "girls constantly receive oral sex in lesbian porn".

Women search for cunnilingus on Pornhub 900% more than men do.

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