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Love, Marla Marla Petal Email: [email protected]: shmarla USA: 1-212-644-8937 USA Mob: 1-408-806-7888 Efax: 1-408-516-5841 From Harry Oakes - Independent Search and Rescue professional and canine trainer in Washington and Oregon On Mar 23, 2011, at AM, Harry Oakes wrote: Japan is turning into another Katrina FUBAR. 420 SAR teams from around the world offered free assistance. Why don't you folks learn from other people's mistakes? Because they aren't licensed to practice medicine in Japan. Governments need to waiver medical rules / requirements licensing restrictions during disasters. The US Navy Medical ship arrived and wasn't allowed to treat the sick and injured after three days because the state of Louisiana refused to allow the doctors on board the ship to practice medicine in their state. What our reporters don't understand when they remark on the "miraculous" stories of finding someone alive after 5 or 7 or 10 days of being trapped, is that for every one of those, there are dozens, or maybe hundreds, dying a slow death, entirely abandoned. - partner with some researchers for additional documentation? - get some excellent reporters and writers to work with us? In spite of all that could be done, when the big one hits my homeland in California - all I will know to do is to dig with bare hands... Just as our USA govt had it's head up its ass in Katrina and thousands of humans and animals died needlessly, now Emperor Akihito is doing the same damn thing. Why aren't the doctors and other medical staff being allowed to help the needy?

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The frustration and sorrow you are expressing is exactly what got me involved in this field.International Office of Emergency Management Disaster Response Division. We've been in contact with the Japanese embassy officials, and NATO, and if they need our K9 Disaster search dog’s teams, SAR coordinators, and other resources, they will request us and then and only then will we mobilize and send in our USAR disaster response teams. We must come up with this money on our own to pay for the airlines tickets, shots, equipment, etc.PO Box# 1472 Longview, Washington 98632 Office; 360-414-8093 Mobile: 503-705-0258 Email: [email protected]: you can well imagine our International Office of Emergency Management Center has been swamped with emails, texts, and telephone calls regarding the 8.5 earthquake in Japan. Like we've done over the last 25 years, we've offered our services. This is the way it’s always been for the last 25 years.When I first heard of this case over the internet, I immediately talked with the RCMP's regarding how with 39 years of SAR experience and 25 years as a SAR Coordinator and K9 SAR Instructor I would suggest they conduct their search. They have reported that four counties surrounding the area where the couple was last seen have conducted ground vehicle searches covering thousands of square miles. Which was to obtain scent articles belonging to the victims. Then have our search dogs work an air scent / trailing search to determine where the couple was involved in a MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident). Hmmm let's see, On Jennifer Mau from Guardians of the Children Mt St Helens Chapter asked I. Thousands more still trapped in the rubble waiting for rescue. Come on world, let's force our leaders and NATO to pull all medical licensing restrictions during times of disasters. in their efforts to try to locate the missing couple. Determine which route the couple did in fact travel headed towards Los Vegas. ,000.00 dollars to cover our fuel, search time, meals and motel. The doctors and nurses, EMT’s paramedics, medical supplies are in Japan and not being used. There are over 500,000 people who are in shelters in Japan starving right now. So people (the innocent) that needed the help died needlessly.

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