Oasis dating review were mila kunis and danny masterson dating

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I been In oasis for over 2 weeks and was the worst site I been. The majority of girls on their profile claim to look for personality and similar interests but rubbish.

Also I went on camera have done masturbation with vibrators etc and I can't see him. ALSO, IT IS FULL OF WOMEN WHO EXPECT FAR TOO MUCH FROM MEN...

He has asked me for naked pics but won't send me any of him (any pics, not nude ones). Read Full Review joined oasis,not what it's crack up to be.about 30% have not been on for a least 6 months or more,no photo's but they want youre phone#people you meet the photo a least 15 years old,a bit overweightmmmmmmmmmmm! If you want good advice and try to find a women get out there and hit the bars or the work place.. Read Full Review I've been on and off oasis for many years and most of the men on there seem to be deceitful and just looking for a hookup. I agree with everyone's comments about most if it being judged on looks. I AM SEEKING LEGAL ADVICE ABOUT THIS SITE FOR DEFORMATION.

Unfortunately I have met a scammer who sounds a lot older on the phone than he is in his pictures. KEEP AWAY FROM THIS SITE GUYS it's a front or recruitment agency for prostitution. I have met some nice, genuine guys on there but didn't seem to have much in common with them (unfortunately few and far between). IF YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT SOMETHING OR ASK QUESTIONS TO OASIS THEY HATE IT AND BLOCK YOU FOR IT.

To many guys are there, so the girls has to much to…

When you try to add them, then they just reject you by looking at your pics.

They don't even read your profile, so women on that site are liars and fakes. Needs a complete overview maybe in an endeavour to provide a better quality dating site. The site hasn't had any real direction since it started.

Seriously, 49 year old looking for a 6ft bloke with ribbed stomach and good income yet she is 5 ft (high and wide) and looks like a pit bull chewing a wasp, get real ladies, no wonder you are single! Read Full Review Due to an opaque system of 'automatic' membership renewal (which the user is not informed of bu email, direct debit takes place regularaly without the using being aware.

Moreoever, somebody called Marion from the 'specialzed service' of Meetic/Dating Direct, explained that she was aware of the fact that most of the less ugly ladies on the site were prostitutes, and that there was nothing to be shocked about as it was just like in real life…

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