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After Venky narrates his story, both Venky and Uday say good bye to each other and part for the night.Next morning, Uday and Sirisha meet and all attempts by Uday to impress her fail.He writes 100 reasons in a book and sings them all together once (Inthakante Vere - Version 1).On the birthday of Prabha, Venky takes her out to a nice dinner and proposes her.Meanwhile, for the past four years, Venky is stuck working as an anchor for Teleshopping advertisements at UB TV. Uday (Srinivas Avasarala) is jealous of Venky as Venky can easily communicate with girls whereas Uday is extremely awkward in his interactions with the opposite sex.

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Venky persuades Guru to pose as the prospective bridegroom, so that Prabha can reject him and go back to Uday.Venky is offended and reacts telling her that he is new to "Delhi culture" with flirtatious and temporary relationships.Annoyed, she leaves the restaurant and Venky's efforts to apologize her fail completely as she leaves for Delhi the next day.When Prabha reaches home, she comes to know that bridegroom was Venky and not Gurumurthy.She wants to meet Venky and propose to him as she grew to cherish their relationship over the past few years.

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