Statistics dating violence roanoke va

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Yet efforts to continue building on that progress and strengthen Virginia’s laws and policies to address gun violence have been largely stymied by the state legislature.

With 86 percent of Virginians supportive of legislation that would require background checks for all gun sales,the issue of gun violence prevention is certainly on many voters’ minds as they head to the polls.

Virginia is one of the top source states for guns recovered in crimes in other states.

Due in part to the state’s weak gun laws and the rise of Interstate 95 as a popular corridor for gun traffickers, Virginia exports a substantial number of crime guns.

There will be Speakers from the following organizations will provide information sessions: * Various domestic violence organizations, * Virginia Fair Housing Office, * Virginia's Attorney General's Office, * State & local Legal Aid Offices, and * Virginia Poverty Law Center Come out and learn your rights!

If current trends continue, the number of gun deaths in Virginia will be 24 percent higher than the number of car accident deaths by the end of the next assembly’s term in 2017 and 31 percent higher by the end of the next Senate’s term in 2019.

When a gun is recovered at a crime scene, one of the first challenges for investigators is determining from where the gun came.

They have ulcers at four times the rate of other women.

In some respects, gun violence in Virginia is typical of that in much of the nation.

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