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r.s T TV Program Via Sate Uite By United Press )toierna Uonal It was ajn. Mi- chael De Bakey carefully In- serted a valve In . Hyde, route 3; Jerome, , failure to be reasonable and prudent; Gar- de lie v. Terreton, , stop sign violation: Karl Walter Shumard, 31, -The JDalles_j Ore, road; John I. Russian Envoy Injured in Fall Dominica (Continued From Page 1) can official said, to facilitate the I moveme nt of f ood jind medical L supplies across the city to thi I international rone of refuge in f the western port of Santo Do. Up to now these supplies hwrl been ferried across town by he! "Anything ilntn thl pressure may be applied on nerves. O x fords -S lip- 3.87 Boys'-Men'i "HANES" CREW Reg. Orion - Blends Wools -Nylons GORGEOUS SKIRTS Start at 3.47 Reg v tft 7.95 Best 'Cannon' HAND , TOWELS ONLY Sixes 28-36 '"LEt LEEN" Tapered CORDS Special Lot COTTON Yardage 47c | Striped Reg. Under the circumstances it was rather astonishing for the county's Demo- —fti;ftt4 nf fnri Ht i es Restrooms and storage areas have both inside and outside entrances, permitting city recreation use of those facilities dur- ing summer months, for example.

; T hemaa M aj o rs d _ ing-salted-cof f ee — — ^-And- over.- nlghtl" At Raw li ns, l tn^eported-'ar heardr^Hwas H^t Ue^hlll^ passenger train, had passed through the deralhnent ,alte on a parallel track only a few min- utes before the accident. Iwakui, ID, Jerome, 110 for a stop sign violation; Raymond L. red, light violation, and Jimmy De Wayne Green, 25, Portland, Ore., speed- ing. ab ro a b T , The President's detlaratloa that a military buildup was nee- 1 r.viary for secu rity on th e Cany I bean Island, came as rebel fighu ersmade a hew attack last nl on U. "We call upon all men every I where, both within and outside I the church. coinmlt__J.h«nt r selves to the establishment o full civil equality for all of Oodv I children. ,.•:,»« DOUG SCHRANK, the owner, has agreed to pur- l»o»e t h e i ntefeat-oi-hti p n rtnfrt nnrf ■ ■ . Yes, *o must raise the almost Impossible' amount of 30 thousand dollars RIGHT NOW and we are cutting prices, ithou t regard to cost. Bk_at-thcso Jbc Jow cost^atgoins t— Doors open -b TTOi OO^Av M— — I I ft Girls' sizes 8" ... 7c |jrr| C ladies' Slicked Mid A &7 tl CCD Values to 10.00 „., from ^•O* _r| ATC Girli'^nd ladies' t% QT r LAIj Re H / to 6.00 As Low As A*Oi ^ !

-But "Earir Blrd"-prov1d«s con- tinuous , transmission. Mc Millan, J2, 183 Lin coin street, collided at pm. - Dodgers to Lose Davis 3 Months LOS ANGELES, May 3 (UP0 — T_os Angeles Dodgers outfielder Tommy Davis probably will make a "complete recovery" from a leg fracture but will not be able to ploy ball again for at least Three m Ontns TDr. "I personally feel at this time recovery will be complete barring any complications," said Kerlan, the team physician. OO: oaa raar tlt.00 Ou Ulda BUU at Ida»a— Og, nwitb I1.7S ; tbraa montlu It 00 1 «l» motilha l», S0i ona yaar tl» 00. Although education appropriations were increased -considerably, Idaho still has a long way to go before It will threat- feil Pthe-readers-ln^th B-fii elation of Advertising Agencies' "Study on Con- sumer Judgment of Advertising." I f the co nsumer bey Ins to, assume th»t__the court is protecting him from every Illusion, will his supposed wariness be lulled Into accepting all sorts of "provocateurs"?

viewed live In London; Sir Winston Church hill's funeral was telecast to the United States. Friday at the Town and Country parking, lot on Addison avenue west. The conference will cover gen- eral law enforcement work. onda TTln.' rtbtfl«a la Twin Official Cltjr and Countr Nawapapaa ~SU Ua CHIPTJON TMTE5 — Bj Carrlar— Ona- Smntb tl.»«I Ibraa maotba 14-SOl all month* t K. NO CEILING Idahoans who may fge Hhe state legisla- ture appropriated enough money for edu- cation would do we'll" to look at other states.

After being lded Saturday by Unfavorable weather, TJ. Zewal sued, but a tpecial UA dbtrlct court In New Haven ruled against him In- a 2-1 votei, WASHINQTON, »iay-3 MV— blpar Usan. He pointed out that the Scouts strive toward loyalty, to their church and-that^relatlbn- ahips with the churches Is Im- portant Robert Erklns, . They were among the first non-governmental witnesses to appear before the senate finance committee to testify on the house-approved package propos- al for health care. rssumed debat$jto- day on the administration bill to gu arantee v oting rights. Ca UT An air power demonstration will be presented June 25 and nreserited by JU11 air force base. The six-spade bid would ha»i still given this West's team » net loss on" the hand. The old world and the new WOTld-was-llnkedpermanen Uy — Thus did trans-Atlantic tel- evision come of age Sunday In the -first— full -program-relayed by America'! The reception was ex- cellent Millions of viewers hi North America- and Westerri,. ^National Arbltrpn, ari audience rating organization, estimated 17 million per sons watched-the~ tel- ecaat F-v utth e fliree— major— neg -works-and-.-lndependent- stations in the United States. th e ' J e To ma- thr o ugh national g M«Xf ITarrriory. This improper function of body organs is called disease. Is qualified to tell you If your conlltion can be helped by Chiro- practic. J - ^"" 1 "~ \ , _ - *- ...stakes his own money on Tri^i^^Dtlity to please yont Wherever you see the red, white and Mae- "Chevron Dealer"- sign, you'll find a man who owns his own business. Thousands have sold Standard Oil's quality products, and benefited from Standard's constructive business assistance, for 10 years or more — a good many-for 15^ 20, evpn 35 years. Even though other schools would not have the advantage of proximity to a university, there are many uses that could be made of. in Houston, in-the-Methodist-hoapltal-at-the Texas Tnedlcil cehter. tho heart of a patient At the mpment it was Trt S pm. All over the con- tinent, Europeans watching their ■Icvtsiorr-geta-aaw -a-Uve t el e cast of De Bakey's hands and the patient's throbbing heart. Brewer, 28, 488 Maurice street north, collided at am. s mile north of Twin Falls on Wajh Jntonskeet, north.- FBI Training Set at Jerome JEROME, May 3 — Jerome city police will sponsor an FBI gen- mri — training — school — Tu esda y In . Olson, 18, Jerome, , reckless driving, Marcus G. This presure disrupts the flow of ncu ral energy resulting In Improper rpnotlon of - one or more- body organs supplied by the affected nerve. 79c 47c Limited Stock — Betow-Cosf Ladies' BELTS As low a« 27c Jf Vfiae Jhe X— Last Men's 1 00% wool worsted SUITS 37 s7 Should Sell for 55 00 STA P&uf 53 i Your rf £ Tf levroti Quality Salon Fashion DRESSES By Famous Makers 583 Values .. 4.98 27c Yord^ CITY FINANCE COM PANY- 217 Main Ave, East — Phone. STORE WENDELL, IDAHO Store Hourst Dally, 10-6 Fri -Sat., tf«- . Normal Procedure Appolntmin JLP' Jijew county commis- sioner to succeed the lato W. Towery followed commonly-accepted political pro- cedure. - No one was surprised when the new appointee turned oat to be a Repub- lican becauso4he appointment_wan left in the lap of a Republican, Gov. The plan eliminates the necessity of the city bunding_dup Ucating resmjrjm^^od^i Ugr; age rooms : Although Pocatello's new -Franklin Jun lor high school represents something new in Idaho school' buildings, the new fea Uires are due for popular adoption. Alu B Hutchinson Introducing execu- tlve to reporter , ... Such are the foolish questions raised by a su- preme court decision on the side or the plain Truth. The cam- era hopped for an hour from Houston's -hospital, Astrodome and -Manned Spacecraft center, to New York's World fair, to the Capitol In Washington, to Mexi- co City's Santa Maria de Guad- eloupe cathedra], and to the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec. Friday at Blue Lakes boulevard -and Eleventh avenue east. Stephens, 17, 329 Caswell avenue -»^'_ana^TCtt Knyrr P.- Jennlngsr Trerarlvtng on wr o ng "s ide of t he defeat on EDWaras. Would it be better to leave advertisers to their mock-ups and let the buyer continue to beware?

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