Virtual furry chat bot

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But there's tons of work that still needs to happen to make this tech more useful.

Teaching a machine using AI techniques is time-consuming, and, after this training, the machines can be tricked by even minor curveballs.

Again, she has stretches where her conversation is totally natural. A typical volley lasts 13-15 seconds, and that’s mostly all human time. Some people are disconcerted by her speedy response, but I don’t hold with slowing her down to imitate a human. I hated trying some of the competitors and having to wait idly for an answer that wasn’t worth anything when it arrived.

Major tech companies are racing to develop more AI software to power self-driving cars and add more intelligence into their devices, everything from cars to refrigerators.

The new O'Reilly conference -- which brought out speakers from Google, Intel, Facebook and Microsoft -- and the creation this week of an AI research nonprofit backed by a who's-who of tech heavyweights are just two signs of AI's growing prominence, with more AI programs making their way out of academia and into the real world.

Not the standard AIML chatbot that we often encounter nor a repetitious pre-scripted bot but one that shows a new lever [sic] of intelligence and is fun to converse with!

Had a great political discussion with Suzette recently - it was just like talking to a friend.

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